AGRE Enterprises is a company set up by Glen and Rosanne Eustace in 1993. GodZone Internet Services was started in 1995 as a ministry to provide low-cost professional internet services to the New Zealand Christian Community. It now hosts websites from organisations, individuals and businesses, as well as offering domain registration and internet access.

Glen works at Massey University in Information Technology Services. He has worked in the IT industry since 1980, working as a programmer, systems analyst, systems engineer, network engineer, systems manager and is currently an Infrastructure Development Engineer.

Rosanne originally worked in the field of Microbiology and spent some years as a technician before 'retiring' to help raise two daughters. She switched careers graduating with a DipCouns in 2005 from Bible College of NZ. Since then she has worked for Seed as a workplace support person, and works in private practice in counselling and supervision. She is the administrative side of GodZone Internet Services.

The two aforementioned daughters are 19 and 22 years old, Natalie and Bethani. Natalie is planning to pursue a career in ICT when she finishes Massey University, where she is currently studying for a BSc majoring in Computer Science. Bethani has graduated from the Wanganui School of Design with a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design. She works part time as a Numberworks tutor and is self-employed as a Graphic and Web Designer. You can view some of her work at

Contact Information

AGRE Enterprises Ltd
P O Box 8020
Palmerston North 4446

Ph: +64-6-3578168
Fax: +64-6-3578165
Mob: +64-27-5424015